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Providing Insurance and Risk Management Solutions to Successful Individuals since 1939

The rewards of your hard work may not have come easy, but can be lost literally in a flash. By teaming up with a professional Advisor at Brown & Brown Private Client Group you can rest assured that proper planning will help mitigate the financial consequences of an unfortunate incident.

Our Private Client Advisors are attuned to the unique lifestyles of successful individuals.

Many times clients will come to us because they have outgrown their existing brokers. As we review their existing insurance policies, oftentimes we find pitfalls and gaps in their coverage.

When is the last time your Insurance Advisor sat down with you and reviewed the following:

  • Replacement value of your properties – It is estimated that 70% of Americans are underinsured.
  • Limitations and exclusions in your current insurance program – Do you understand the difference between a Mass Market Insurer and a High Net Worth Insurer?
  • Has your Insurance Advisor had a conversation with you about the benefits of a Collections Policy – Did you know breakage and flood are excluded unless you schedule the items on a Collections Policy?
  • Assets deeded to a Trust or LLC – this is rarely asked by Insurance Brokers leaving you susceptible to uncovered claims
  • Flood discussion – are you aware of primary flood options with HNW Insurance carriers as well as Excess Flood?
  • Has your property been re-mapped by FEMA and you now qualify for preferred rates through the National Flood Insurance Program?
  • Does your Insurance Broker charge a policy fee as well as commission?