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Differences exist between Affluent Insurance vs Standard Insurance.

It should come as no surprise that there are several differences between the policies that are written for Affluent Insurance vs. Standard Insurance.

The charts below were designed to provide a basic overview of the difference between the coverage of a standard insurance policy and the coverage that may be provided by High Net Worth (or Affluent) insurance policies.

As you will notice, High Net Worth Insurers tend to provide broader, more comprehensive coverage to coordinate with the unique insurance needs and wants of highly successful clients.

While each carrier may differ from the other, these charts will provide a snapshot of the general coverage offerings that make High Net Worth insurance policies so valuable to our clients.

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Click on the types of insurance coverages listed below to see an example of how the policies may differ from one another.

Homeowners Coverage


Coverage High Net Worth Carrier* Standard Market Carrier**
Full Replacement Cost YES NO
Cash Settlement Option YES NO
Replacement Cost for Contents YES NO
Loss of Use YES NO
Medical Expenses $50,000 $1,000
Primary Flood Option $250K Home/$100K Contents NO
Deductible Waiver YES NO
Kidnap Expenses $100,000 NO
Loss Prevention $2,500 NO
Loss Assessment $100,000 $1,000
Guaranteed Replacement Cost YES NO
Green Upgrades YES NO
Pet Injury $5,000 NO
Back Up of Sewers & Drains YES NO
Broad Liability Coverage YES NO
Deductible Reserve Option YES NO

Automobile Coverage


Coverage High Net Worth Carrier* Standard Market Carrier**
Agreed Value Option YES NO
Original Equipment Manufacturers YES NO
New for Old Option YES NO
Full Glass Coverage YES NO
Airbag Replacement YES NO
Rental Reimbursement YES YES w/Per Day Limit
Rental Loss of Use $10,000 $600
Tapes, Records, Disks or Other Media YES NO
Towing/Roadside Service YES YES

Umbrella Liability


Coverage High Net Worth Carrier* Standard Market Carrier**
High Limit Liability YES NO
Shadow Defense Cost YES NO
Private Consultation $25,000 NO
Reputation Damage YES NO
Limited Employer’s Liability YES NO
Director’s & Officer’s Option YES NO
Family Trust Option YES NO

Valuable Articles Coverage


Coverage High Net Worth Carrier* Standard Market Carrier**
Blanket Coverage YES NO
Fine Arts Breakage YES NO/Limited
Loss Payment of Itemized Articles 150% of Itemized Amount Itemized Amount

** As represented by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) basic HO-5 policy.
* Actual policy offerings may differ depending on carrier and state.