You would meet with your agent for lunch and discuss your insurance needs. The agent would take your instructions back to the office on a cocktail napkin. Mom & Dad took you to visit the Insurance Agent to be counseled on good behavior versus bad behavior behind the wheel and how it effects your automobile premium.

You were allowed to smoke at your desk.

Your first PC was DOS based and as big as your desk. The screens were bright green and then they were changed to orange to be soothing on the eyes.

Paper files became a thing of the past.

The Fax Machine was the NEW communication technology.

We could obtain Motor Vehicle Records free of charge just by calling the DMV.

No Privacy Practices.

Policy rating was done with a manual, a pen, and a calculator. Then typed on an electric typewriter.

Telephone went from a rotary dial to push button.

Dress Code for the office was Professional – not Business Casual.

Doing business was face to face.

Although we have kept up with the changing times, one thing that we have not changed is the quality care, expert advice and personalized attention we give each client.